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Right now she is in the me-me-me state of mind. She doesn't know it...she feels bad and knows she cars about her husband, but her decision making to assess her next steps are all her state of mind, keep her from going crazy, save her guilt, let her enjoy her baby. Saying it will save her F pain is misguided and a false way to support the decision she wants to make not to tell.
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It crushed her, but she started dating someone else almost a year ago. She seems happy, but once she was burned by the guy in our group, and once she was no longer single, she sort of pulled the classic girl friend no-no, and fell off of the face of the earth. In light of that, I saw no reason to discuss my feelings about my guy friend with her because...well, even if she cared, I didn't really want to overcomplicate things by letting her think I was "asking permission" to date someone she hardly knew after having had no contact with her for months upon months.
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You say you are confident and you worry that saying anything too assertive/direct would scare him off. Would you want to walk on eggshells around someone? I understand that you are a virgin and perhaps intimidated by guys who aren't but at the same time you need to find someone you are compatible with. Not some hermit who says 'we'll see what happens' because he has no idea. Really?